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About Me

I create art because it is something I love doing and because I find it therapeutic. I remember painting and drawing as a young child - who didn’t love getting the old shirt apron on and getting the big pots of paint out in primary school?

My dad also loved to paint and the smell of oil paint, linseed oil and paint thinners takes me right back to my childhood. I remember being fascinated with how he created landscape paintings from sketches he made while we were out for Sunday drives.

I begged him to teach me and finally he relented - we didn’t have a lot of cash and I remember him being wary of me touching anything as his materials cost a lot of money. In fact, I remember watching him in shops trying to decide between supplies depending on how much cash he had available.

​He eventually let me use an old canvas and showed me how to paint with oils - we painted a vase with yellow flowers on a blue background. I remember him using crumpled up kitchen paper to make the background texture effects. I can’t remember what happened to that little painting but I do remember being as proud as punch with it! I was about 8 years old at the time.

​I lost touch with art and painting after my dad died in 1989 when I was just 14. I only reconnected with it in 2016 when I went for a couple of art lessons with Angie McKee in her art studio in Bangor, County Down. Once I got bitten by the art bug again there was no stopping me and I have been painting and trying my best to be creative ever since. 

Nature is always an inspiration to me and my first works consisted of natural scenes, landscapes, treescapes and seascapes. Oils have been one of my preferred mediums as I love how they blend and I enjoy the texture they create, especially when the palette knife comes out to play.

​In 2020 and 2021, I discovered the vibrancy and transparency of watercolour. I spent time exploring different mediums and textures. I have discovered that I love the transitions in nature, the layers of memories and the feeling of deep peace that being in a natural environment evokes.

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and I work with energy healing and intuition. I want to fuse this into  my art and I have started a new acrylic fluid art project in an effort to create more intuitive art. 

I do accept commissions and am happy to work with you to create the artwork you want for your home or business, so please do get in touch if you want more information.

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Art Projects & Collections

2022 - Current Project

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I am working on a new collection of fluid, intuitive art using acrylic paint pouring techniques. These are all unique and allow you to let your mind wander as you look and see what you see!

2021 - Acrylic Realism


During 2021 I took some acrylic lessons. I learned how to create more realistic acrylic paintings and whilst I really enjoyed this, I realised that realism isn't for me. I prefer a more intuitive and impressionistic style.

2020-2021 - Watercolour 

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I embarked on a watercolour challenge and created some loose florals and some gorgeous little animal portraits. Limited edition prints sold well and the originals are now available for sale.

Pre 2020


My main portfolio was oil paintings, usually landscapes and seascapes. There are still some of these pieces available in the sale items so why not snap one up?

Latest News

January 2022 - Clearance Sale On!

Collection or local delivery only (NI)

All originals (pre-2022) are on sale to clear the studio to allow new creative projects and ventures to take place.

Ask for details!

New Projects

Intuitive Fluid Art

As an energy worker and Reiki Master I want to fuse my spirituality with my art. Intuitive art pours allow the viewer to spend time contemplating the painting and allowing the colours, shapes and movement to speak to their intuitive soul.


Contact Me

I am based in Donaghadee,

County Down, Northern Ireland

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