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Welcome to Debi Garrett Art

Welcome to Debi Garrett Art. I work primarily in oils and as I am inspired by nature, the majority of my work reflects this. My favourite painting tool is the palette knife - you will notice that my more recent works reflect this.

You can also view my collections here. If you have any questions or would like to commission a painting or ask about workshops please contact me.

Autumn Sale Now On!

All paintings are currently reduced for sale - most paintings have been reduced by 50% so you can grab yourself a bargain if you shop now before the end of October 2020. Have a browse and pick yourself up an original painting for a fraction of the cost before they are all gone.

My Story

I create art because it is something I love doing and because I find it therapeutic. I believe we are all born with a purpose - to live, to love, to laugh and to create. I remember painting and drawing as a young child - who didn’t love getting the old shirt apron on and getting the big pots of paint out in primary school?

My dad also loved to paint and the smell of oil paint, linseed oil and paint thinners takes me right back to my childhood. I remember being fascinated with how he created landscape paintings from sketches he made while we were out for Sunday drives. I begged him to teach me and finally he relented - we didn’t have a lot of cash and I remember him being wary of me touching anything as his materials cost a lot of money. In fact, I remember watching him in shops trying to decide between supplies depending on how much cash he had available.

He eventually let me use an old canvas and showed me how to paint with oils - we painted a vase with yellow flowers on a blue background. I remember him using crumpled up kitchen paper to make the background texture effects. I can’t remember what happened to that little painting but I do remember being as proud as punch with it!

I lost touch with art and painting after my dad died in 1989 and I only reconnected with it in 2016 when I went for a couple of art lessons with Angie McKee in her art studio in Bangor, County Down. Once I got bitten by the art bug again there was no stopping me and I have been painting and trying my best to be creative ever since.

Nature inspires me so you will see that the majority of my work consists of natural scenes, landscapes, treescapes and seascapes. Oils are my preferred medium as I love how they blend and I enjoy the texture they create, especially when the palette knife comes out to play.

Lately I have been working on a new abstract collection which is a little different but the underlying thread remains - I want my art to make you feel good. To provide a source of calm reflection in your busy day and to make you smile when you see it.

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A recent palette knife oil painting bought by a local firm of solicitors for their meeting room wall

One of the new abstract collection pieces, calmly curious, a palette knife oil on canvas 20x20"

A recent commission for a lovely lady who wanted new artwork for her new home - this is Wildflower Meadow

A personal favourite of mine - a reflective and meditative piece - Sitting By the Campfire