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Art for Sale

On this page you will find art that is available for sale. My pieces are all hand painted by me and are designed to hang on your wall, whether at home or in the workplace. If you see a piece that you love then use the Let's Chat button to get in touch to buy or ask questions.

Many other pieces are available - this page is showing just a few at a time. Ask for details or book a free viewing of the studio and art that is available for sale. Let's Chat!




She has been through hell. Betrayed, hurt, down-trodden and mistreated. But no more - she will no longer allow herself to be that person. She rises. She has fire in her belly. No longer will she remain in the shadows. It is time for the wild woman to burst forth. She is strong - she has been through hell but the fire has strengthened her. Like alchemy, the fire has turned her vulnerability into power. She has risen. She is fierce. She is untamed.

I wanted this piece to speak to your soul. To light the fire in your belly. What has this woman been through? The look in her eyes is challenging. She will no longer be told what to do. She has taken back her power.

Original acrylic 12x16" - £75 - unframed, stretched canvas, ready to hang without a frame if you wish as the sides are painted. A4 unframed prints can also be made available for £35.


Fire in the Sky

As the sun goes down the sky lights up. It looks like it is on fire, radiating the bright white heat from the sun into glorious reds, oranges and yellows. 

Reflecting into the water, the sea glows with the embers of the sunset. A small boat makes its way home after a day's sailing. The day has come to an end and as night begins to fall, the sailor turns their attention to the journey home. Contemplating the memories from the day and setting intention for the days still to come.

This large statement piece is approximately A1 in size, framed in a simple white frame. Painted in oils with a palette knife to give texture and movement. £150



The Red Trees

The red leaved trees stand against an ethereal misty background of the forest. Imagine walking through this enchanted forest, picking your way through the mist and then coming across these vibrant red trees. What magical elemental energy can you feel from this piece?

I love fantasy and mystery and wanted this piece to have an ethereal feel with a limited colour palette. Painted in acrylics and framed in a simple white frame, approximately 16x20". £95


Shifting Seasons

How the wheel of the year turns. Seasons shift, the energy of the forest changes. Life is constantly on the move - nothing stays the same.

I wanted this piece to give the feeling of transitory seasons shifting as you walk through a forest. The sense of light playing through the trees, the colours on one side of the canvas giving life to the ethereal cooler palette opposite.

Unframed but with painted sides so it can be placed on the wall without a frame if you wish. Approximately 16x20" oil painting with palette knife. £95