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Making My Mark

6 weeks ago I started a wonderful art course with United Art Space. It is called Make Your Mark. The purpose of it was to explore different techniques, mediums and materials in order to discover your true voice. I have to say it has been such a joy to work through the course.

During the 6 weeks, I explored a variety of images, painting methods and materials. I even used salt, twigs and cardboard! The course really got my creative juices flowing. I found that I kept going back to greens, golds and pinks. These aren't colours I would usually go for. Well, I suppose I would use green - given I do a lot of landscapes! But I wouldn't usually work with green, gold and pinks/purples all in one piece.

You can see a selection of some of the work in the image above. I made some pieces that I truly hated along with some that I really liked. The course has inspired me to try new things - this is so important. It is easy to keep making art in the same way, over and over. But I wanted to truly find my voice and I think I am beginning to do just that now.

I experimented with watercolour and salt and created some lovely pieces, so this will be developed into a new collection in due course! You can see them in the New Creations page or in the image below.

By far my favourite creations as a result of the course, are the bold and expressive large canvasses that I finished yesterday. Both really spoke to my soul and felt uniquely my own voice. I will most definitely be developing this type of work over the coming months. It allows me to fuse my spirituality with my art and that makes my soul sing.

The first is my mindful mandala which brings positive vibration and energy to my space - you can watch a video of how it was created on YouTube here.

The second piece is a beautiful representation of the Divine Feminine - my Goddess in greens and golds. Again, you can view the story of her creation here on YouTube.

Both now bring a gorgeous energy to my Reiki room and have changed the vibe immensely. I hope you like them and if you'd like to create a mindful mandala of your own, make sure to subscribe to my mailing list to find out about these new workshops will are coming very soon!

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