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Where it all began

As part of the #AugustforArtists challenge, today I will share with you how my art journey began. I've been thinking about this. Where did it all begin? It depends how you look at it!

From a young age, like most children, I loved to draw and paint. One of my favourite activities back in P1 was to get the paints out. The typical artwork appeared. The blue sky band at the top of the white page, then the green grass band along the bottom. The big yellow sunshine in the centre of the sky with rays sticking out all around it. Sometimes there were stick people and houses too. I love how kids draw and paint. They don't judge themselves. It's wonderful! They just get on with being creative.

Over time I suppose I progressed into more sophisticated drawings. In art class in secondary school we often had to pencil draw still life. I hated that! It was never my forte and I had to drop art for GCSE because it didn't fit into my timetable. At the time I was unhappy but it was probably for the best! I kept art as a hobby and quiet pass-time for most of my teens.

Some of my dad's sketches

My art journey "proper" began about 5 or 6 years ago. My dad had always been a hobbyist oil painter and a fab watercolour artist. I wanted to learn how to use oils. My partner bought me a couple of art lessons with a local artist in Bangor, called Angie McKee. Angie is brilliant! She showed me how to blend and soft brush backgrounds. It was actually so natural and easy to use oils, I quickly became hooked!

My first oil painting at Angie's class

I went to classes for a few months but then work got in the way and I had to stop. But I didn't stop painting. Every spare minute I had, I painted. And people actually liked my work! I sold lots of my first paintings at ridiculously low prices but they sold! I covered my costs and that is all that mattered to me. People actually liked my forests and landscapes. I was amazed!

So that's how it began. Now I am experimenting with acrylics and watercolours and loving it. My favourite go-to medium is still oils but the ease of cleaning up watercolours and acrylics does speak to me. I am learning how to be more eco friendly and not wasting paint or washing down the drain. And I am filling up my studio with lots of new art every month.

If you'd like to see my work please do visit the website Follow me on Instagram (@debigarrettart) and on Facebook (@debigarrettartist).

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